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You would like to bring your dog on your camping excursions. If everything is well planned out it can be a wonderful and simple experience. You must think of his needs as well as yours so that your beloved animal enjoys the experience as much as you do. Here are a few tricks to facilitate the event.


-You must not forget the obvious, dog food, bowls, leash, collar with identification and an up to date vaccination record. (All of these objects are essential but you risk forgetting a few items when in a hurry)

-Dog bed and covers that your dog particularly enjoys placed in a quiet place in the shade. Your pet needs a space to take refuge if ever it becomes too loud or hectic. He needs a place to feel secure away from other people or animals.

-Keep your pet well hydrated especially if it is hot outside. Make sure he never runs out of fresh water.

-Always keep your dog in constant view. He must also always be on a leash. If he has a tendency to bark, try to keep him occupied and make sure to bring enough toys so he doesn’t get bored.

-If you think of taking any walks with your pet don’t forget to bring little bags to pick up any presents your dog could leave behind. Also, if you walk at night, a collar with a light would be a good idea to have.

-Don’t forget when renting out a camping space to inquire if the specific camping accepts pets.


We love our pets as if they were family so it’s always fun to have them follow us everywhere we go. Enjoy your camping season with your beloved dog.

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