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Spring is slowly setting in and we are all eager to enjoy our Recreational Vehicle (tent-trailer, hybrid trailer, travel trailer, fifth wheel or motorhome). But, before using your RV, there is always a PRE-SEASON routine to follow in order to avoid any problems.


1- Inspection and retouching of seals;  it is VERY important to check all the sealed joints on the ROOF and walls, around doors and windows and extensions… Remember that the sealant on the roof is different from that on the walls. Specialists recommend the Dicor brand (Available here in store). On the walls one should use an exterior flexible silicone.


2- After recharging your battery and keeping it warm all winter, just put it back in place. Connect the negative first and then the positive.


3- If your vehicle has extensions, or in the case of a hybrid trailer (the outline of the bed panels), there are rubber seals. These must be cleaned and treated in order to retain their sealing properties.


4- The roof membrane is generally made of rubber and must be treated against UV rays. Several products are available, generally it is done in two stages, washing the membrane then treating it. It is recommended to do this at least once every 2 years.


5- Wash the awning canvas. With the appropriate product, often citrus-based, open the awning, rinse it on both sides, spray the cleaner, close the awning… wait an hour, reopen the awning. Now is the time to pass the telescopic brush over the canvas while rinsing, do not let the canvas dry before rincing. Magic Boss is an excellent solution for awning fabrics (available here in store).


6- After having verified the waterproofing, it is now time to wash your trailer. Make sure to use a mild soap, possibly with a built-in wax to minimize the aging from the UV rays. AVOID any soap that says DEGREASER.


7- Wheels: without being a mechanic, it is possible to check the proper functioning of the trailer brakes and if your wheel bearings are sufficiently greased. If you are unsure, make an appointment with us. This should be verified at least once every two years or every 12,000 km travelled. Most companies use Dexter EZ-LUBE, it is very easy to do yourself, plus you don’t have to remove the wheels. Do not forget to also check the tire pressure.


8- If you have slide-outs, you must lubricate the mechanisms (rails). Use a non-greasy product. Several brands are available, Mirage 2000 offers a lubricant/protector that does a great job.


9- Your trailer having been winterized, you must now remove the plumbing antifreeze. Find the two drain hoses (LOW POINT), put a seal, remove the plugs or open the valves then open the hot and cold sink faucets. With gravity, most of the antifreeze will drain. Put the caps back on or close the valves and taps. It is now possible to connect the running water, open ALL the taps, let the water run for 4-5 minutes in order to rinse the pipes well. It is now time to put the cap or the anode back on the water heater and put the bypass valves back in the open position. Open a hot water tap to allow the water heater to fill (3-4 min).


10- Now is the time to turn on the propane and test your appliances.


Happy camping season!!!

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